the Tommy Thompson archives

This website is devoted to the life and legacy of my brother, Tommy Thompson. He was a source of inspiration, tears, joy and laughter in my life for 49 years, but on January 30, 2008, he suddenly left our world for somewhere bigger and better.

His life brought strength, humor, friendship, love, loyalty, and a whole lot of great music to many people, not only in this area but across the country. I am dedicated, through this website and other projects that will follow, to keeping those contributions alive and vital for the generations to come.

This website will be the place to find information about upcoming projects, releases and special events that are of interest to family, friends and fans of Tommy and his music. It will also serve as an archival site, with links to hundreds of photos, documents, art, hand-written lyrics, flyers and set lists. In addition, fans may purchase CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, posters and other memorabilia as it becomes available. The site will be updated weekly, with interviews, newly discovered artifacts, and other content added on a regular basis. There will be other links available to websites of our friends and fellow musicians, all of whom have supported Tommy and his music through the years.

Finally, this website gives me a way to continue a lifelong partnership with my brother - my best friend. We had a close relationship; we started out as rock music fans, and became collaborators. He probably listened to my advice as much as anyone, at least about music. Through him I was given a creative outlet, and I felt like I was part of a noble enterprise – the creation, design, and execution of a great rock and roll show. We did thousands through the years – at least 100 a year for three decades – and I can't explain how huge he was in my life. It is a hole in my existence that can never be filled.

But as I have told many people, Tommy left a lot of himself behind – much more than most – and this website, along with other projects to come, will preserve that legacy forever.

— Scott Thompson, December 2008

I wrote the following on February 1, 2008.

He was magazines and ashtrays
A tackle box and old tennis shoes
Dogs and black leather, with harmonicas in every pocket
(but never in the key he was looking for)
I knew to keep some lights on the lyrics sheets covering the front monitor
Because he couldn't always remember them all

Collection Volume one is a compilation of demos and home recordngs from 1984-1990.